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  • Holistic Feng Shui Spring Cleaning

    Spring has finally arrived! This time of new growth and new beginnings is the perfect time to get some good ‘chi’ – universal life force energy - into your home and life. Before you can enhance the energy in your home and life, you first need to declutter, get organized, and have a sparkling clean space.

    Does the thought of decluttering fill you with excitement or dread? If you don’t love decluttering and organizing as much as I do (see my Apple Box story), here are some tips:

    1. Break down your decluttering project into small, manageable tasks and set aside enough time to complete each task.

    2. Start with the easier tasks. For example, if you want to clear out some things, start with things that are easy to give away. Once you have cleared that first room or closet, you will be motivated to keep going!

    3. Reduce: One obstacle that many people face when decluttering is letting of things that they don’t use, need or love, especially if it was expensive or was a gift. In Canada, we are so lucky to have many charities that we can donate our things to. What helps me to let go of things is knowing that they will be appreciated and enjoyed by someone else.

    4. Organize and containerize: Put similar things together where you use it, have them easily accessible, and where appropriate, put things in containers. For example, I have a basket in my front closet where I put all my cycling gear. Everything is ready to go when I need it, and everything goes back into the basket when I return.

    5. Aim to have some empty space! Don’t buy more shelving or organizing tools to jam pack as many things as you can into the space that you have. For example, once I have decluttered my clothes closet, I do not buy new hangers unless one needs to be replaced. If I purchase a new item of clothing, then I have to let go of an old item. Read my Feng Shui Magic story below on decluttering explains the importance of having empty space.

    If you need more inspiring ideas to declutter and organize, one of my favourite books is Susan Pinsky’s Fast and Furious Five Step Organizing Solutions. I’ve used many of her practical ideas.

    In Holistic Feng Shui, I am working not only with space, but also with body, mind and spirit. You will have greater transformation in your life if your body, mind and spirit are aligned with your space.

    So how does spring cleaning look for the body, mind and spirit?

    Body: In a word, detox! Everyone craves comfort food during our long Canadian winters. Spring is a great time to clean out our bodies as well as our homes. You don’t need expensive supplements. Just eat more healthy, unprocessed, whole foods – especially a variety of veggies – and less of the other stuff that your body does not need. I think you know what they are! Sugar, processed food, fast food … And very importantly, drink lots of water to help cleanse your body. Our body is made up of 70% water. Everything works better and you will feel better if you are properly hydrated.

    Mind and spirit: Our mind, heart and spirit also need some decluttering. A mindfulness practice of some kind will help you to let go of thoughts and feelings that weigh you down. In fact, clutter in your physical space is interrelated with mental and emotional clutter.

    There are many ways to do this. You can combine it with a physical activity like yoga, qi gong or tai chi. These relaxing, mindful practices are also great for your body! If you are interested in meditation, there are many great free apps that teach you how to meditate. A couple of my favourites are Headspace and Insight Timer.

    Mindfulness practice has been scientifically proven to enhance our wellbeing physiologically, psychologically and emotionally. Another wonderful, magical thing that happens when you quiet your mind is that you will become more intuitive and creative.

    One final tip: Use the energy from the moon cycle to help you reach your goals. Today (April 10, 2017) is the full moon. The moon wanes between the full moon and the new moon. This means that the light and energy from the moon is reducing. This is an excellent time to let go of things. The moon energy will help you release things, thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you.

    After decluttering your space, body, mind and spirit, you are now ready to welcome new, positive energy into your life!