Ping Deters, PhD

Phoenix Holistic Feng Shui

Harmony and transformation in your inner and outer life

Tree-of-life Collection

Made from brass and a variety of semi-precious stones

*Amethyst     *Aventurine     *Black Agate     *Carnelian     *Lapiz Lazuli     *Moonstone     *Peridot    

*Rainbow Tourmaline      *Strawberry Quartz     *Tiger's Eye




Also available: earrings, bracelets, other styles and stones, and one-of-kind necklaces

Earth & Water Collections

Semi-precious stones, Crystals & Fresh water pearls

Celestial Collection

Semi-precious stones & Crystals

Enhance your chi with Feng Shui Jewellery!

Handmade with semi-precious stones, crystals and freshwater pearls

  • Each piece comes with a unique Feng Shui description
  • Individualized dedications available upon request