Ping Deters, PhD

Phoenix Holistic Feng Shui

Harmony and transformation in your inner and outer life

HOLISTIC FENG SHUI can help you to develop:

  • More inner peace, balance and clarity
  • More energy to reach your goals
  • More success and prosperity
  • More love and better relationships
  • A healthier mind and body
  • Greater connection to your intuition
  • More happiness and satisfaction in your life through personal transformation


My Holistic Feng Shui method includes 3 essential steps:

Feng Shui 1: Preparing your space

In this vital first step, I can help you to clear and organize your home or workplace to create a welcoming space for new energy and transformation.

  • Decluttering
  • Space clearing & blessing
  • Organizing your space


Feng Shui 2: Optimizing positive energy in your home or work spaces

The second step focuses on a Feng Shui consultation, which I can do onsite or online. The consultation will include:

  • Assessment of forms and objects in your space
  • Optimal placement of objects, yin/yang balance, and using the five elements (earth, metal, water, wood and fire) to enhance the energy in your space
  • Effective use of colours and accessories
  • Using the Bagua to help you manifest intentions and goals in your life


Feng Shui 3: Promoting positive energy in your body, mind and spirit

The third step of my Holistic Feng Shui method focuses on learning ways to increase wellbeing and create greater balance, harmony and transformation all aspects of your life - physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

  • Healthy and balanced eating habits, with an introduction to Chinese food theory and cures
  • Physical activity and breathing exercises
  • Grounding and contact with nature
  • Chanting and sound healing
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Rituals for special occasions and purposes
  • Crystal healing
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)
  • Connecting with your intuition through oracles: I Ching, Angel Tarot and Runes