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After I made the Feng Shui enhancements in my home that you suggested, especially to my entrance, my life feels much more settled. A few days later, I got a perfect new job! Thank you so much, Ping!

Emily T., North York


* * *

Ping’s Feng Shui consultation has made a 180-degree change to my life!

Sarah H., Toronto


* * *

Ping assessed the energy in my home with professionalism and sensitivity. She suggested low and no cost changes which I could implement immediately and recommended more significant changes to consider as my time and budget allow. Ping's feedback was informative, practical and inspiring. I can feel the increased welcoming energy in my home, which begins at my front door. I really enjoyed my Feng Shui consultation with Ping and recommend her without hesitation.

Kimeiko Hotta Dover, Thornhill
Karuna Reiki® Master
* * *

My husband had been suffering from depression and we felt we needed to change the energy in our home. Ping came to help us lighten the energy by helping us with decluttering, doing a space clearing ceremony, and giving us feng shui advice. She was very tactful and non-judgemental as she made suggestions to get rid of things that weren’t enhancing our environment in a positive way. She had very useful and practical ideas about colours and furniture placement that lightened our rooms and worked with what we had.

We felt an immediate change in the energy just by removing some of the items during the consultation itself. Our home looked much better, too. The improvement was dramatic – both in the space and my husband’s mood!

Jean N., Mississauga


* * *

I work in a large open-spaced office shared by many colleagues. When a dear colleague passed away suddenly, quite a number of us had a lingering sadness and a sense of uneasiness because of a lack of closure. For example, people didn’t feel comfortable around her former desk that sat empty.

Ping conducted a releasing ceremony at our colleague’s desk for a group of us. The shift in energy through this brief and simple ceremony was palpable. This ceremony also gave us a chance to say goodbye and gave us the closure we needed. Thank you so much, Ping.

Elizabeth N., Toronto


* * *

In early May 2017 my landlord contacted me to tell me they had decided to sell the 4-level 1800 sq ft townhouse that we had been leasing for 6 years.  Since our daughter had moved into her own apartment in January, I knew it was time to downsize. And, after finding a condo in a high-rise to move into mid-June, I knew I needed help.  My husband, daughter and I had, combined, 136 years of stuff in the townhouse, crammed in floor-to-ceiling. I found Ping’s listing on the website. There were a number of capable consultants listed in the GTA but it was Ping’s holistic approach and energy work that resonated with me and I decided to contact her. I desperately needed help deciding what furniture I should take and how best to set up our new home.

Ping replied to my email within 20 minutes. I was so grateful. It was a very stressful time for me as my husband was working outside of the province and my daughter was busy with her own life so, at that point, I had one month to get the downsizing and moving done.

Ping visited the condo and then met with me at the townhouse. She took a great deal of time gathering information to understand our personal goals. She took pictures and made recommendations on what furniture to take and encouraged me to diligently declutter and donate items that I did not use or need. I was so relieved and grateful when she left that I was clear on what I needed to do and confident that I could get the downsizing down so that I only took furniture and items that were valued to my new home. That is not easy!

We exchanged emails (I have a cochlear implant and don’t use the phone) on everything from paint colours to shelf-liner to bedding and area rugs to where to donate my books. She responded to all of my emails promptly.

It took me four months to get unpacked while working full-time and during that time we exchanged over twenty emails — all warm, positive and encouraging. Finally, when I was ready, Ping visited my condo for the feng shui consultation. She was tremendously helpful, advising on placement of artwork and addressing areas to optimize for positive energy. Her many suggestions were creative yet practical and doable. She was able to work with what I had without incurring major expenditures.

A space clearing and blessing followed the feng shui consultation.

I love my new home and am very happy to endorse Ping’s services. To me, she is an angel. Do not hesitate to contact her. Deciding to work with Ping was an investment that keeps g‎iving beyond the consultation period.

Joanne B, Toronto


* * *

Ping helped me when I moved house, to a cramped and tired 1950s bungalow. When my friends first saw the house, they couldn’t imagine how I could live in such a small, dated and unattractive place.

Ping gave me many practical and inexpensive solutions to create harmonious and comfortable spaces throughout. Ping has a special gift for finding new and creative uses for the things I already had. Her suggestions for placing furniture and objects and for using colour have made a huge difference. Once I painted a couple of accent walls in a colour she suggested, it transformed the energy of the space immediately.

I also greatly appreciated Ping’s gentle and respectful approach. Ping worked collaboratively with me to find solutions that matched my taste and style.

Now when people come, they all comment on how comfortable and how much bigger it feels. My friends, family and I are amazed by the transformation. I highly recommend Ping’s feng shui services. Thank you, Ping!

Marta H., Peterborough